Kathrin Gollackner

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3-D printing has revolutionized the world of product design. But regardless of how many benefits have come from the new technology of rapid prototyping, every prototype means another piece of (thermo) plastic in the world. Use of the alternative – biodegradable materials – still has a long way to go. More and more appli- cations are being found for chocolate and noodle dough in the field of food design, wood and ceramics in general technology, and algae in environmental technology. As part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, Barbara Gollackner will explore sensible uses for these printing filaments: Can 3-D-printed chocolate be used for something other than as a decoration? And how stable and promising are 3-D-printed objects made of seaweed? Cocktail thematically accompanied with drinks and bites provided by the author of the book “Von der Schale bis zum Kern,” Bernadette Wörndl.