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Virgil Widrich


What do the walls of the former Sophienspital, which date back to the monarchy, have to say when you look at them long enough? Xavier de Maistre’s 1794 novel “Voyage autour de ma chambre” (“A Journey Round My Room”) is the fantastic miniature trip of a writer sentenced to 42 days of rest and immobility. Trapped among his furniture, he can do no more than “travel” from one wall to another. The downfall of a social class is reflected by the loss of his physical power, which, however, can lead to an incurable outbreak in the imagination when in a hospital. Precise perception, memory, and reflection make a room’s tiniest details as expansive as the world. A looped video installation. Artistic conception: Virgil Widrich. Music and sound design: Siegfried Friedrich. Animation: Eni Brandner. Projections: handmitauge.