Sarah Maria Kamleitner

Stadtarbeit – City Work



ZOOM Kindermuseum, Sarah Maria Kamleitner / Johann Kamleitner


How much does a farmer get for a ton of grain? Starting with this question, the critical-artistic project A TON deals with topics of remuneration in agriculture and raw-material prices in the food industry. Through a spatial installation in front of the ZOOM Children’s Museum, father Johann (a farmer) and daughter Sarah (a visual artist) want to initiate an appreciative dialogue between producers and consumers. From the field to the germinating seed to the threshed ear – how much energy, time, and effort is required to produce a ton of grain? And how much bread can be baked from it? In addition to the installation at the ZOOM Children’s Museum (on view daily), the living raw material wheat can be experienced haptically and visually in the museum’s forum from Friday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm. Special workshops for children from six to ten years and their companions are invitations to take a sensory journey through the wheat field. A Stadtarbeit project with space provided by the ZOOM Children’s Museum.