Charlotte Schreiber

Urban Food & Design



Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

1.10.2018, 6pm

The departure Talk will deal with innovative concepts for urban food production. Food waste, long transport distances and the related loss of nutrients, health dangers posed by pesticides, and the effects of climate change will require new forms of food production to ensure cities’ ability to survive. Unused resources will be exploited by means of a circular economy, symbiotic transport systems, and urban and indoor farming. Alternative sources of nutrition such as lichens, waste products, and algae will be made visible through innovative design solutions. After a lecture by Marije Vogelzang of the Netherlands, who looks at rethinking of and new thinking about contemporary food culture in her creative praxis, innovative concepts of urban food production will be discussed in a departure Talk.

Lecture: Marije Vogelzang (Eating designer)

Panel with: Hanni Rützler (futurefoodstudio), Kathrina Dankl (Studio Dankl), Daniel Podmirseg (Vertical Farm Institute Vienna)

Moderation: Ute Woltron (Author and journalist)