FvF / Philipp Forstner

Urban Food & Design

Guided Tour


Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

1.10.2018, 2pm

How can food be produced in an urban context sustainably and in a way that uses as few resources as possible? Which new sources of food can be exploited? Approaches from the field of circular economy, the zero-waste movement, and industrial design show how pioneering urban food production can work. The departure Tour shines a light on food production and the inspiration provided by the creative economy and design. Participants will visit Viennese companies such as the mushroom growers Hut & Stiel, the insect breeder Zirp, and the traditional Staud’s company, which has been transforming fruits and vegetables into delicacies in Vienna’s 16th district since 1883. 

Free admission
Limited number of participants
Registration at departure@wirtschaftsagentur.at

Meeting place will be revealed at registration