Wirtschaftskammer Wien

1.10.2018, 7pm

Customers and clients demand them, designers dream them up, businesses produce them: new products. Interdisciplinary coop- eration between design and business is the best way to make new trends. Sometimes, this path is rocky, when creativity and artistry come up against a sense of reality and number crunching. How can you arouse the artist slumbering inside the business- person? How can you tell the businessperson what they need? Interaction that leads to the two worlds moving closer together creates new and wonderful things, when it works. What’s the best possible style of cooperation? What do networks have to do with this, and what mix will successfully launch a product? Representatives of both worlds, designers and businesspeople, will discuss these questions. Presentation of the companies participating at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and a get-together afterward.

Talk with Maria Elisabeth Smodics-Neumann (WKO – Vienna Economic Chamber, Head of Trades and Crafts Department) as well as designers and businesspeople.