Shirin Omran




Theresa Hattinger


Raising flags in the public space always involves asserting a claim on a significant location. But who has the right to co-opt it? And which forms of such prestige do we encounter in our daily urban lives? Does the sense of allegiance to a particular flag end at the border of a city, country, or company? Is a flag synonymous with a canon of values? And can we choose them ourselves? Theresa Hattinger’s FLAGS OF UTOPIA is intended to inspire literally uncompromising consideration of this matter, though without violating taboos in gridlocked systems or showing options that aren’t feasible. What happens when the known forms of flags are put together in new constellations? This is a process that works both formally and in terms of content: Our countries, social systems, and models of coexistence possess similarly ready-made structures. How can we preserve what’s valuable and change what we don’t like?