Krüger & Pardeller / Bildrecht

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Krüger & Pardeller


A rare architectural jewel slumbers, well preserved, beneath Vienna. Drive-in bank windows, waitresses on roller skates, underground flower beds, and an elegant bar: In Vienna’s first underground public parking lot, Vienna’s post-war car craze was celebrated in the 1960s. At the same time, the parking garage illustrates Roland Rainer’s groundbreaking con- cept of a car-free city center. Through its artistic intervention, the Austrian-Italian artist duo Krüger & Pardeller, who won a competition put on by WIPARK in cooperation with the Vienna Business Agency’s creative center departure, uncovered an interesting portion of the city’s history and embedded it in a global context in a talk given to- gether with the sociologist and cultural and urban theoretician Anette Baldauf.