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Laurids Gallée, M. MAURER


All the things that can be made more beautiful! That’s what you think when browsing through the product portfolio of the M. Maurer passementarie factory in its picturesque showroom in the 7th district. Fringe, ribbons, borders, cords, braid, tassels – the range of magical objects produced by hand and with special machinery is seemingly endless: “All over the place,” as the young owner of the former royal-and-imperial supplier, dating back to 1863, termed its wide spectrum of beautifying articles. Laurids Gallée knows how to deal with the decorative. Again and again, this Austrian who was trained in Eindhoven has shown that he can give meaning and function to ornaments. His pieces tell the stories behind the material and production. One example is how he transforms the famed square cord through his collaboration with M. Maurer into a light-catcher and messenger of the benefits that result when craft and design work together. Decorations for chandeliers and the major!