Virtual & Augmented Reality





At the invitation of sound:frame, the Luma. Launisch duo has filled museum spaces with its music visuals since 2008, producing poetic installations that take on the topos of both the space and its exhibits. Invitations to the world’s major cities to present their video art followed. At present, the visual jockeys are touring with Christopher Chaplin and the audiovisual show “Paradise Lost.” At the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, Luma.Launisch will transform the Festival Headquarters in the former Sophienspital into a gallery playground of realities, making the seemingly classic digital painting – an homage to Rosini’s floral compositions – dance by means of mobile light and the augmented reality app Artivive. This will be accompanied by Chaplin’s music in a remix by Jana Irmert. Thanks to Fabrique Records. A teaser of the installation can be seen at PARALLEL VIENNA.