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STUDIO RYGALIK, Jarosinski & Vaugoin


Companies are like living beings that try to adapt to changing circumstances. Good companies maintain a distinctive DNA when doing so. One example of this is provided by Vienna’s long-established silversmith Jarosinski & Vaugoin, for which the advantages of handcrafted silver objects have been held in high esteem since 1847. The Polish designers Gosia and Tomek Rygalik, on the other hand, have taken it upon themselves to read brands’ genetic makeup and work out fitting designs. This approach has made Studio Rygalik one of the most successful product and furniture design offices in Poland, this year’s Guest Country. On the basis of silver’s qualities, which last for generations, the long tradition of a handicraft company’s DNA, and an extremely personal history, the Rygaliks have developed together with Jarosinski & Vaugoin a Passionswege project and given birth to a new being.