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Greta Hauer, Delphine Rumo, Greta Hauer, Delphine Rumo - Greta and Delphine.jpg

Hauer Rumo

Greta Hauer and Delphine Rumo met at the beginning of 2011 in Vienna and began to initiate projects together. Both had completed studies in product design – Greta Hauer at the Kassel University School of Art in Germany and Delphine Rumo at the ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Besides a great deal of travelling as a source of inspiration, the two have gathered work experience in such areas as experimental, exhibition, and product design. For their projects they are interested in the origin and history of objects and their users. They observe and analyse situations and basic conditions and put together something new out of the results.

Hauer Rumo
Hahngasse 07/27

1090 Wien