Stadtarbeit – City Work

Johanna Dehio, Valentina Karga


Fr 30.09.–Su 9.10.2016

collective public action in which raw materials
are transformed in an exemplary process
into a functional cooking unit – tableware,
pots, and table oven are formed of clay and
fired in the log fire, giving them a matte, black
surface. A banquet is held whereby recipes
brought by all participants are cooked and
eaten together at the banqueting table. The
project’s hands-on approach provides for an
experience of sensuous contact with the raw
material of clay and with the archaic activity
of cooking at an open fire. The project aims
to arouse curiosity about the development
stages in the process leading from material
to utensil. Project team: Johanna Dehio,
Valentina Karga, Mascha Fehse, Sébastien Tripod and Liza
Schluder. Detailed program and information
will be announced at
The FIRE KITCHEN is produced in part in
cooperation with the Caritas Kompa project.

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