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Tomáš Baťa University


Fr 30.09.–Su 9.10.2016

Cocktail 04.10.2016 6pm

The show of the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín compiles works by students of the Industrial Design Studio (Faculty of Multimedia Communications). Seeking to link up with the Czech design tradition, the designers made use of materials such as beech wood, glass, and porcelain. Also, the area of usage for the products is typically Czech – for instance local beer types, plum brandy, marinated sausages, and sweet pastries with poppy seeds. But not only the designs, dishes, and drinks form pairs: In a new interpretation of the Czech memory game Pexeso, the exhibits are reproduced the form of milled porcelain. To win, visitors have to find all the pairs!

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1050 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 30.09. 10am-8pm
Sa 1.10. 10am-8pm
Su 2.10. 10am-8pm
Mo 3.10. 10am-8pm
Tu 4.10. 10am-8pm
We 5.10. 10am-8pm
Th 6.10. 10am-8pm
Fr 7.10. 10am-8pm
Sa 8.10. 10am-8pm
Su 9.10. 10am-8pm