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Programme Partners

Spazio Pulpo, breadedEscalope, chmara.rosinke, Klemens Schillinger, Patrick Rampelotto


Fr 29.09.–Su 8.10.2017

Opening 29.09.2017 6:30pm
Cocktail 05.10.2017 7pm

Is it desirable to be offline? And is it at all possible in our day? How can new forms of freedom or luxury develop from it? What does being offline mean for our humanity? How important is it for our culture to keep our distance from the web, its algorithms, artificial intelligence, bots and bits? It lies in our nature to expand, to improve our capabilities. So why would a rational person cast off his or her own sense-expanding extra limb? #OFFLINE focuses on installations and objects that are open to this discourse and question contemporary realities. With chmara’rosinke, breadedEscalope, Klemens Schillinger, and Patrick Rampelotto, also guest positions of the newly established TRIALE Institute.

daily 2pm–6pm (or by appointment)

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Spazio Pulpo

1010 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 29.09. 2-6pm
Sa 30.09. 2-6pm
Su 1.10. 2-6pm
Mo 2.10. 2-6pm
Tu 3.10. 2-6pm
We 4.10. 2-6pm
Th 5.10. 2-6pm
Fr 6.10. 2-6pm
Sa 7.10. 2-6pm
Su 8.10. 2-6pm