Verdarium, Konstantin Schmölzer

Konstantin Schmölzer at Verdarium

Fr 30.09.–Sa 8.10.2011

Cocktail 01.10.2011 5pm

Konstantin Schmölzer is a young Austrian designer with studies in
Eindhoven and New York who despite his youth can already boast a diverse spectrum of training and work experience. Besides product
design, with a focus on highly developed production technologies,
Schmölzer also works in the fields of architecture and graphic,
motion, and web design. Additionally, he is engaged in branding
and system design.
The perfect partner for him for the Passionswege has been found:
Verdarium. This is a firm where Nora Stalzer and Clemens Lutz
use knowledge, flair, and a sure sense of style to help people
make their lives, their gardens, and their terraces greener or to
live just as elegantly outside as inside. Get ready for a fruitful
dialogue at the highest level when Schmölzer and Verdarium join

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