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Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

Mixed Media: Mario Gamser & Friends

Fr 26.09.–Su 5.10.2014

Cocktail 27.09.2014 6pm
Finissage 05.10.2014 5pm

The Vienna University of Applied Arts presents Mario Gamser. The presentation revolves around his two diploma projects of recent years in the fields of industrial design and also fashion. Surrounded by interventions by other protagonists in various media (architecture, text, speech, music, graphics, performance), the project explores what is essential within the accustomed: precise in detail, material-aware, realistic, potential.

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Festivalzentrale im Palais Schwarzenberg

1030 Wien

Opening hours
Fr 26.09. 10am-8pm
Sa 27.09. 10am-8pm
Su 28.09. 10am-8pm
Mo 29.09. 10am-8pm
Tu 30.09. 10am-8pm
We 1.10. 10am-8pm
Th 2.10. 10am-8pm
Fr 3.10. 10am-8pm
Sa 4.10. 10am-8pm
Su 5.10. 10am-8pm