Nicolas Le Moigne at Libby Sellers Gallery

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Libby Sellers, Exhibitionview Libby Sellers Gallery, London

Exhibitionview Libby Sellers Gallery, London
© Libby Sellers

Following his graduation in product design from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne in 2007, Le Moigne has gone on to create award-winning designs that can be described as a celebration of juxtaposition. His work in lighting, product and furniture shows an understanding of, and capacity for, complexity and contrast: seemingly fragile yet resilient, at once artisnal yet also industrial, assuredly sophisticated yet without guile. This equanimity has brought Le Moigne, now a professor at ECAL, to the attention of both industrial companies such as Eternit or Atelier Pfister and design galleries in Paris, Berlin and Mexico.

Nicolas is once again a nice exemple of how well the sensor for "high potential" in the field of design is developed when curating the Passionswege. Let's see who Lilli and Tulga will surprise us with this year!


Gallery Libby Sellers
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