© Mikser Design Fesitval

© Mikser Design Fesitval

Mikser Design Festival schreibt Wettbewerb aus


About the Competition:

Slogan for 2012 is “GET REAL!“.
Instead of pleading to manufacturers to start appreciating
local design talents, the organisation Mikser is
intensifying its proactive role in bringing young designer’s
projects to a real market by starting its own production, in
the midst of the economic crisis. “GET REAL!” is a call to
designers to do their share of making the world a more
pleasurable place to live and to take social and economic
challenges as an inspiration for solutions that open up
new possibilities for our tumultuous times.

Products, furniture, lighting, interior elements, everyday
objects, home accessories, stationary, aid
products and recycled materials that offer innovative
yet rational solutions to everyday problems, will be
evaluated according to the following criteria:
• innovative features that enhance the quality of
contemporary life,
• ergonomics,
• rational production costs
• an environmentally friendly production process.

Die VIENNA DESIGN WEEK gastierte 2010 mit der Tape Installation von Numen/ For Use und 2011 mit dem Heurigen von bindermayer am Mikser Festival und war stets angetan von der virilen Energie Belgrads und seiner Design-Szene. Die Wettbewerb Sieger werden ebenfalls am diesjährigen Mikser Festival präsentiert - zahlreiche österreichische Beiträge sind erwünscht! Also. auf zur Einreichung!

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