© Kollektiv Fischka / Niko Havranek

© Kollektiv Fischka / Niko Havranek

Become a Programme Partner

National and international business enterprises, museums, institutions, galleries and design studios are invited to take the stage with temporary contributions as part of the ten-day festival.

Besides the curated formats, the programme partners make a major contribution to the diversity of the festival. During the last festivals approx. 60 programme partners per year were represented in different locations. Contributions cover the entire festival period or are planned as selective and accentuating events.

A a project idea, an experiment, an exhibition, a pop-up store, a performance, a workshop, an installation, a product presentation – we want all your ideas!

Registration deadline for programme partners is June 8, 2018.

If you are interested in taking part, we request you send us an outline of your concept. Our project manager of the Format Gabriel Roland (g.r@viennadesignweek.at) is available at all times to give you detailed information on the further basic conditions of organisation, content, and other questions.

Programmpartner Informationen 2018 (Deutsch)
Programmpartner Kurzinformationen 2018 (Deutsch)
Programme Partner Information 2018 (English)
Programme Partner Short Information 2018 (English)