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Tomas Kral

Born in 1979 in Slovakia, Tomas Kral graduated from ECAL in Lausanne, where he now teaches in the department of product design. Established in 2008, Tomas Kral is a product design studio based in Lausanne. In the context of industrial production and research, Kral’s approach to design is characterized by a clear preoccupation with materials and processes. In glass, cork or ceramics, Kral works on projects ranging from lighting to furniture and accessories. He often finds inspiration in tradition and he infuses his objects with humour. Tomas Kral exhibited in several museums and galleries like Libby Sellers, Kreo or the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. He works for international companies like PCM, Christofle, Imm-living or Foundry. Kral recently received the Swiss federal design award.

Tomas Kral

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