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Julien Carretero

Born in the Paris suburbs, Julien Carretero first graduated in Industrial Design both in Paris and in England, then did the Masters course of the Design Academy Eindhoven and, while still studying, worked at Studio Maarten Baas for two years. After his graduation, Julien decided then to establish his studio in Eindhoven and became a member of the design collective Atelierdorp. His main interest deals with considering the production of objects as a growing process: alive and unpredictable. By often creating his own manufacturing processes he aims at blurring the border between serial and handmade production. His work has been internationally exhibited and is available at Moss (NY), Phillips de Pury (London), Gallery S. Bensimon (Paris) and Victor Hunt (Brussels).
In January 2012, Julien established his studio in Brussels and co-founded the creative platform Studio With A View.

Julien Carretero


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