Talk „Practicing Differently“

Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Institut für das künstlerische Lehramt (IKL)

19.9.2022, 18.30–20 Uhr

When does practicing differently begin, how does one learn it and how does one organize it? How does one act in solidarity with other feminist architectural workers? How does architectural practice relate to all other living and non-living beings? Reimagining, undoing, relearning, and unlearning have emerged as key notions for recovery from the harms of colonial patriarchal violence and taking back practice under conditions of punitive neoliberalism. Moderated by cultural theorist Elke Krasny, this conversation with Kollektiv Raumstation, Gunnar Grandel and Hannah Niemand, architectural educator Cassandra Cozza and Ella Felber, who works at the overlap of architecture, dance and writing, shares how contemporary practices in architecture, and beyond, aim to find answers to these complex questions in new ways of doing, thinking and feeling.

With Cassandra Cozza, Ella Felber, Viktoria Gabriel, Gunnar Grandel und Elke Krasny

Cassandra Cozza, architect, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor in Architectural and Urban Design at the DAStU of Politecnico di Milano. She researches on contemporary paradigms of architecture as a response to ongoing challenges and teaches at AUIC School

Ella Felber, studied Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Spatial Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Performative Arts in various institutes and initiatives in Vienna and Copenhagen. It is in the overlapping of disciplines that her research-based practice begins.

Gunnar Grandel and Hannah Niemand are part of Kollektiv Raumstation (Weimar-Berlin-Vienna). The collective interferes critically and playfully in urban politics - for example with urban interventions, exhibitions or podcasts. Raumstation has also co-edited a handbook on working together collectively.

Elke Krasny, Ph.D., Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her research focuses on dimensions of care and ecological and social justice in architecture, urbanism, contemporary art and transnational feminisms. She is currently working on her forthcoming book Living with an Infected Planet. Covid 19, Feminism, and the Global Frontline of Care

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