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mischer’traxler (A) at Rozet & Fischmeister Court Jewellers

mischer'traxler studio

6.10.2009, 6pm

The jewellers Rozet & Fischmeister, former imperial and royal suppliers and hence steeped in tradition, are known most of all for their silverware, but have recently begun once again to focus more on fine jewellery. The product and furniture designer pair mischer’traxler, alias Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler, have approached this new terrain for them of handcrafted jewellery rather like detectives. After researching a while on the Kohlmarkt, they were able to identify what the craft of making jewellery involves: patience and careful planning, a love for perfect details, and an immense amount of knowledge of materials – and have now translated this understanding into their three-part experimental set-up, bearing the title “the scientific nature of jewellery”. Here the curious can experience how to make jewellery (with some patience) grow – for instance, until the day of the Opera Ball – can admire individual details of the jewellery through magnifying glasses, and watch how ornamental decorations seem to appear out of nowhere on jewellery in an immersion bath: a small spectacle in the best scientific tradition.