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Gabriele Steiner- Scharfetter

Design Goes Leopoldstadt

Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter

4.10.2011, 10am–1pm

The focal point of this year’s design festival is Vienna’s second district, one of the city’s up-andcoming areas. On a walking tour through the district, especially around the Volkertmarkt, we will bring light into the undergrowth of the design jungle there – for it is growing abundantly: product, furniture, industrial, graphic, industrial,
and experimental design; social, urban, and eco design – the concept presents itself in a multitude of varieties! We will be looking behind the scenes in small craft enterprises just as much as in temples of creativity, and explore a pop-up restaurant, a public farming project, and other quite unique design events.

Meet at: VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Meeting Point, stilwerk Wien
2., Praterstraße 1 (15 minutes before start)

Registration: tours@viennadesignweek.at

Tickets: € 3 up to 18 yrs, € 5 students, € 7 adults, children under 6 free
max. 25 participants
Tours in German (Engl./French when needed)