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Gabriele Steiner- Scharfetter

Design Everywhere

Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter

4.10.2011, 3pm–6pm

Out and around by bus in Vienna, we will be guiding you through the diversity of the design festival. This will be a navigation and escort through the city, beginning at the ‘stilwerk’ building in Taborstrasse and continuing to places full of design, traditional companies, and significant design collections. Join us in uncovering the many-layered world of design in this city, between mass production and hole-in-the-wall companies or between design in a museum, in the creative forge, and in everyday life.

Meet at: VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Meeting Point, stilwerk Wien
2., Praterstraße 1 (15 minutes before start)

Registration: tours@viennadesignweek.at

Tickets: € 3 up to 18 yrs, € 5 students, € 7 adults, children under 6 free
max. 25 participants
Tours in German (Engl./French when needed)