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Gabriele Steiner- Scharfetter

Design Meets Tradition

Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter

6.10.2011, 3pm–6pm

How does it happen that lamps suddenly wear hats, and what makes the Bad Aussee dirndl (a woman’s folk costume) Polish? With this guided tour of the festival for beginners, starting at the ‘stilwerk’ building in Praterstrasse, we will wander by the old established firms in the city centre. We will be looking over the shoulders of craftsmen and attempting to understand the creative ideas of designers by means of dialogue. While strolling through the workshops in nooks
and crannies and the elegant shops, we will also get to know about design from this year’s guest country Poland. The walk will bring an understanding that design is everywhere: practical or poetic, socially oriented or luxurious, regional or international.

Meet at: VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Meeting Point, stilwerk Wien
2., Praterstraße 1 (15 minutes before start)

Registration: tours@viennadesignweek.at

Tickets: € 3 up to 18 yrs, € 5 students, € 7 adults, children
under 6 free
max. 25 participants
Tours in German (Engl./French when needed)