merinowolle_mikimartinek&veronikapersche, 2010 Jens Lindworsky



Merino wool in a design:context

Miki Martinek



mikimartinek has placed a knit stool in a design:context and created a piece of upholstered furniture that combines qualities of previous seating objects in a surprising new way. Central to the process are technology and materials. The design runs consciously counter to the concepts of ‘transient’, ‘fast’, and ‘cheap’.

Why textiles? ‘Textiles embrace us,’ says the trend analyst Li Edelkoort. Nevertheless, the knowledge and skills involved with textiles are dying out. Together with the knitting expert Veronika Persché, mikimartinek has developed premium-quality, individually
knitted works from merino wool, so that the stools have a feeling
of sumptuousness. In a display visitors can experience spirit, personality, versatility, and something new and different.

On 1 October and from 3 to 8 October mikimartinek will personally be there as of 17:00.