2012, Walking Chair Design Studio
2012, Walking Chair Design Studio



AT YOUR SERVICE or ... “The table does its own thing”

Technisches Museum Wien mit österreichischer Mediathek


An event as part of the exhibition “At Your Service – Art and the Working World” – a cooperative project of the Technisches Museum in Vienna and the ERSTE Stiftung (ERSTE Foundation). Connecting factor is the work process for the exhibition design shared between the Walking-Chair Design Studio and the fashion designer Daniel Kroh.

11:30_ “The table does its own thing”, object presentation with song on the theme of work by Fidel Peugeot & Karl Emilio Pircher/Walking-Chair and Daniel Kroh – with brunch.

12:30_ “Interdisciplinary working & innovation”, discussion with Daniel Kroh, Elisabeth Limbeck-Lilienau/TMW, Christopher Lindinger/Futurelab of the AEC, Fidel Peugeot & Karl Emilio Pircher/Walking-Chair. Moderator: Doris Rothauer

14:30_ guided tour through the exhibition with Silvia Eiblmayr