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- Ablaufdatum.jpg, 2010, Magdalena Akantisz

Stadtarbeit – City Work


Best by … – about built-in obsolescence

mathak + mahlknecht


An installation with a best-by label draws our attention to an omnipresent but only rarely mentioned topic: manipulated ageing processes. The factors that primarily motivate the consumer to continual re-purchase of everyday products – besides constantly changing trends – are deliberately integrated weak points and incompatible new features. Surrounding the constantly changing installation are various presentations that allow a more profound insight into the topic, including a film performance, a lecture and a panel discussion with specially chosen experts. The concept aims to encourage a collective thinking-aloud and to scrutinise the influence of designers, industry and consumer on built-in obsolescence. The young design duo of mathak + mahlknecht is being supported in the project by the Recycling Kosmos association.