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- mini-illus-kaffeekränzchen-02.jpg, gebrüder stitch; illustriert von harald lustinger

Stadtarbeit – City Work


Full Board Coffee Klatch 2: ‘Come join us. The more the merrier!’

Gebrüder Stitch

4.10.2012, 6.30pm–9pm

From 16:30 to 18:30, young and old will be wielding their cooking spoons and rolling pins, exchanging recipes and wisdom. There will be baking and lively chatter enough to make smoke come out of your ears! But starting at 18:30, anyone who isn’t the least bit interested in baking can come to the pensioners’ kitchen and sample what’s been made – a pot of filtered coffee and a slice of Linzer or Cardinal Torte – and also have a nice chat with the creators of these delights. The highlight of the evening will be the life stories in pictures of the pensioners, along with their anecdotes. presented by Bobby Slivovsky (5/8erl in Ehr´n).