Kollektiv Fischka



Guided Tour 1: Design goes 1st district

Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter

4.10.2012, 3pm–6pm

¡Olé! We have planned walk through higgledy-piggledy workshops and elegant shops as a presentation of design from Spain. Starting at the Labor am Karlsplatz, where Spanish designers give us a fascinating view of their work methods, we visit richly traditional business enterprises, peep over the shoulders of craftspeople at work, and through this dialogue try to understand creative ideas.

Education Guided Tour (on foot)

Start: project space karlsplatz, 4., Treitlstrasse 2 (15 min. before start)
Dates: Fri 28.9., 3 pm/Tues 2.10., 10 am/Thurs 4.10., 3 pm
Duration: approx. 3 hrs.

Tickets: € 4 (up to 18 years of age), € 6 students, € 9 adults, free for children under 6
max. 20 participants
in German (English if needed)
With: Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter
Registration online, see booking tool