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Guided Tour 2: Design goes 7th district

Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter

2.10.2012, 3pm–6pm

There is scarcely a district in Vienna that is more creative, younger or trendier than Vienna-Neubau. Here you can encounter design in almost embarrassing abundance: the range is enormous, from graphic, industrial, product and author’s design to social, urban and ecological design. Starting at the designforum Wien, we stop off at studios, workshops, galleries, small businesses and shops, and creative studios.

Education Guided Tour (on foot)

Start: designforum Wien, 7., Museumsplatz 1 im MQ (15 min. before start)
Dates: Sat 29.9., 10 am/Tues 2.10., 3 pm/Fri 5.10., 3 pm
Duration: approx. 3 hrs.

Tickets: € 4 (up to 18 years of age), € 6 students, € 9 adults, free for children under 6
max. 20 participants
in German (English if needed)
With: Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter
Registration online, see booking tool