Michael Anastassiades, Ball Vase, 2006
Michael Anastassiades, Ball Vase, 2006, Studio Michael Anastassiades



MAK Design Salon #01 MICHAEL ANASTASSIADES: Time & Again

30.9.2012, 11am

The Geymüllerschlössel is an outside branch of the MAK focusing on the presentation of period furniture of the Empire and Biedermeier eras and a collection of antique Viennese clocks; now, for the first time, the MAK opened its doors to accommodate a salon of contemporary design. During the 2012 season the London designer Michael Anastassiades takes the stage; his objects become agents of time and timelessness in these surroundings and invite the visitor to take a trip into the history of the location. His intervention also provides the background for a talk between Thomas Geisler, MAK Custodian of Design, the designer himself, and the New York gallery owner and collector Murray Moss on models of cooperation and the transformation process leading from artistic patronage to the design market.