Thonet & breaded escalope//Work in progress
Thonet & breaded escalope//Work in progress, breaded escalope



misfits revisited: create your own THONET

THONET GmbH, breadedEscalope


In July 2012, the Viennese design group breadedEscalope began an experiment investigating the products, employees and brand of the long established company of Thonet. The cooperation does not work on the basis of a briefing but on the freedom of communicating an analysis of the form, material, tradition and processes involved in inventing a product. An initial view of the “work in progress” will be presented to the festival visitors in a documentation. They can also, within the framework of workshops, create or re-create their own “Thonet” out of discarded pieces from the Thonet factory. The pieces made can be taken home!
Workshop hours Sa 29.09., Mo 1.10., Tu 2.10., from 2-4 pm