Plaza Santo Domingo, Mexico DF
Plaza Santo Domingo, Mexico DF, TOLEDO i DERTSCHEI

Stadtarbeit – City Work


Printing Works at the Market

Toledo i Dertschei


Under the arcades of a town square in Mexico City dozens of typesetters can always be found offering their services. Small-scale printed works are imprinted on paper using hand presses and lead typesetting. TOLEDO i DERTSCHEI are making their mark on Brunnenmarkt by setting type and with it a trend. “Slow printing” is in season in the “market_place”: a chance to design various products using a type case; the feeling for letters as “characters”, as object; the aesthetics of errata; the sustainability of a printing machine without unnecessary waste; a good conscience about duplication.
Multilingual orders taken! “Die Sellerie” are providing their hand presses for the occasion, “REMAprint” the paper and the logistics in the district.