zerlegte Mixer
zerlegte Mixer, 2012, Lena G.

Stadtarbeit – City Work


Theatre of Destruction

Lena Goldsteiner


The “Theatre of Destruction” is located in a more global context involving repair, production and plastic recycling. Instead of throwing apparently worthless and broken household devices onto the rubbish dump, they can be brought to a place where new life is made possible for them. While experts from the repair sector analyse household devices and partially repair them, the “Theatre of Destruction” enables people to chop up and fragment the yellowed plastic so that it can be put to new uses on the production site; also the life cycle of the plastic and the devices can be traced. The new mixer used to be your boyfriend’s toaster and your hair dryer is made from an electric kettle! The project is being supported by D.R.Z. Demontage und Recyclingzentrum.