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- designweek_programmheft_illu_60x45mm.jpg, gebrüder stitch; illustriert von harald lustinger

Stadtarbeit – City Work


Vollpension – Full Board

Gebrüder Stitch


The Project of Gebrüder Stitch, two producers of custom made jeans, in their own words might be about: “Desserts to die for like mum’s at home? Clichés about elderly people with retro-chic, blended into a spicy marketing gag of the trousers tailors, served ice-cold on the back of senior citizens together with a Viennese Gugelhupf ring cake? Pudding pop-up as social design at the kitchen table? A chance of exchanging cooking recipes, knowledge and experience? “Vollpension” can reflect all this. What it actually is you can experience, taste and get to hear – temporarily.”