Bertille & Mathieu



Bertille & Mathieu (F/CH) at J. & L. Lobmeyr

LOBMEYR, Bertille & Mathieu


It will soon be 200 years since the master glazer Josef Lobmeyr opened his first shop in Vienna, and the former purveyor to the Court has to this day remained a major global player in the manufacture of chandeliers and glass. The duo Bertille + Mathieu are basing their project on a seeming analogy: that of glass and sugar, not only as regards the transparent optics, but also the characteristics shown during processing. Inspired by the repertoire of forms at Lobmeyr, we see chandelier pendants reshaped as pollipop and the Lobmeyr parent company on Kärntnerstrasse being transformed into Candyland!

From 27 September to 5 October, daily 2–6pm, Bertille + Mathieu will be working on site at the Lobmeyr shop!