mischer'traxler, „f.aid“, 2011/2013 © mischer'traxler
mischer'traxler, „f.aid“, 2011/2013 © mischer'traxler, © mischer'traxler



departure/MAK Design (-It-Yourself) Nite

Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

1.10.2013, 8pm

A DIY happening on the occasion of the NOMADIC FURNITURE 3.0 New liberated home living? exhibition shows contemporary strategies of do-it-yourself as a collective process. The exhibition forms the background for a critical and reflective treatment of the meanwhile enshrined design phenomenon. You can join in building low-tech furniture as presented by protagonists of the exhibition, including breaded Escalope, chmara. rosinke, Annika Frye, Jerszy Seymour, mischer'traxler and raumlaborberlin, the results of which will be submitted to a reality check.