“the stationary point in the evolution of a system”
“the stationary point in the evolution of a system”, Aldo Gianotti, Foto: Gianmaria Gava



INSIDE.outside.INSIDE – The non-digital virtual space

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich, Land Niederösterreich, Abteilung Kunst u. Kultur


How do we perceive our environment? How does its perception shape us, and is it possible to react to it in an alternative way? Christian Knechtl gathers together projects in the interdisciplinary exhibition which challenge existing design norms and investigate how they shape our social behaviour. With AO&, Siegrun Appelt, Beatrix Bakondy, Kathrina Dankl, Aldo Giannotti and Thomas Gronegger (Opening 19 Sept., 7pm; on show until 12 Oct.).

Sat 28.9., 2–6pm, Tour with AO&: “He/she who opens his/her mouth”

Sat 5.10., 7pm, performance by Aldo Giannotti: “Italian Square”

Information at www.publicart.at