© Aldo Giannotti, 2008 Foto: Gianmaria Gava
© Aldo Giannotti, 2008 Foto: Gianmaria Gava



"Italien Square", performance by Aldo Giannotti

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich, Land Niederösterreich, Abteilung Kunst u. Kultur

5.10.2013, 7pm–9pm

Is it architecture or is it people who constitute social space? Giannotti places a minimalist platform in the exhbition space and invites a group of Italians to inhabit it for three hours. Over time these people form a community that gradually forgets about the stage setting situation; the space is transformed into a „square“ – the urban archetype symbolising social and cultural life in a city. And what happens to the visitors …?