PW 2013, Oscar Wanless bei Riess
PW 2013, Oscar Wanless bei Riess



Oscar Wanless (UK) at Riess Enamelware/Festival Headquarters

RIESS KELOmat GmbH, Oscar Wanless


For more than eighty years now the Ybbsitz firm of Riess has been a specialist for enamelware. But the roots of the family business can be traced back to an iron pan smithy founded in 1550. The British designer Oscar Wanless is now researching the field to find unconventional forms of enamelware production in Ybbsitz. By experimenting with the various – and actually “wrong” – positive and negative forms in the metal press, objects and hollowware result that are quite remote from the geometry of the Riess pan and flaunt freer, almost textile qualities – frills and flounces in metal!