New Biedermeier by Křehký
New Biedermeier by Křehký, bara prasilova



The New Biedermeier Collection

Krehky Gallery, Tschechisches Zentrum Wien


The Gallery Křehký is presenting a new collection of furniture and accessories with the title “Křehký Biedermeier”, designed by Nastassia Aleinikava, Michaela Tomišková, Hana Zárubová, Maxim Velčovský, Gabriel Vach and Michal Bačák. “The New Biedermeier brings a festive flair into everyday life, enriches experience and transforms the commonplace into something special. It persuades us to calm down, to stop and think, to meditate,” explain the gallery curators, Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek. The collection includes porcelain, glass, furniture, jewellery, also unique, one-off pieces of furniture by famous studios and “name” designers.