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- RAD-WG (c) 2013, Jan Hosa.jpg, 2013, Jan Hosa



The Rad-WG/Bike Collective – An Evening of Bonding

Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

30.9.2013, 8pm–10pm

The winning project in the departure ideas competition “Cycling Affairs” wants to achieve more than merely safe parking options for bicycles; it also aims to bring their owners together. departure and the RAD-WG invite you to an evening of bonding, which attempts to clarify all open questions: what demands does my two-wheeled partner make? How much am I prepared to invest in it? And, last but not least: with whom – and where – should our bikes live together? Bring your two-wheeled partner with you, invest in some brainstorming, and have fun at the same time!

Further information at www.radwg.at