Tour 1: Design de Luxe (1st District)

Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter

27.9.2013, 3pm–6pm

An upscale stroll through the inner city awaits you, with its workshops snugly nestling in nooks and crannies, with its elegant shops. Starting point is Augustinerstrasse 7, the sales point of the shirt manufacturer Wäscheflott, and the trip continues to vintage, old established firms and fine galleries. Luxurious design next to high-class arts & crafts make the 1st District into the centre of exquisite taste.

1., Augustinerstraße 7
(please bring ticket for public transport with you, meet 15 mins. before start)

Duration: approx. 3 hrs.
Tickets: € 4 (up to age 18), € 6 students, € 9 adults, free for children under 6
Max. 20 participants
In German (English if needed)
With: Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter