Guide the Diver/Stadtarbeit 2014
Guide the Diver/Stadtarbeit 2014, Kollektiv Fischka

Stadtarbeit – City Work


Wiedentour, World Class - Neighbourhood tour 2

Cora Akdogan, Julia Landsiedl + | Strategic Design & Storytelling

30.9.2013, 5.30pm–7.30pm

You have to know Viennese neighbourhoods and their residents to love them. This is true whether you are a local or an outsider coming in. They respond to the same district in different ways. Part of the project involves dyed-the-wool Wiedner people introducing “their” district to young Afghan new arrivals from the nearby Caritas flat-sharing community – and vice versa. This culminates in a tour of the neighbourhood, during which everyone can share their stories with each other. The grand finale is a free-for-all “Würstel” feast in the initiators’ office.