Christine Wurnig / Kollektiv Fischka
Christine Wurnig / Kollektiv Fischka
Christine Wurnig / Kollektiv Fischka

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Chris Lefteri: Do Touch. Materials of the future.

New Design University (NDU) St. Pölten


Trailblazing towards the future for all the senses: this was the sensational show presented by the material design expert Chris Lefteri, guest professor at the NDU. The materials of tomorrow – elastic metal, skin-thin paper, electrically conductive textile fabrics or fragrant paneling – all this yet again challenged the public’s visual and olfactory perception anew and opened up new, undreamed of perspectives. In his talk In Love With The Future: Trends in Advanced Materials, Lefteri spoke about the mind-boggling, endless range of the usages available to new materials. In a more detailed hands-on workshop he invited visitors to join in, to experiment, and to marvel.