Petra Rautenstrauch / Kollektiv Fischka
Petra Rautenstrauch / Kollektiv Fischka
Petra Rautenstrauch / Kollektiv Fischka

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Ganz Neue Galerie: Salon

chmara.rosinke, breadedEscalope, Patrick Rampelotto


In a picturesque rear courtyard in the inner city the Ganz Neue Galerie dedicated their room for experimental design to contemporary design from Europe. For the most part, this involved collections of the Ganz Neue Gruppe – breadedEscalope, chmara.rosinke and Patrick Rampelotto and so forth. During the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK the gallery rooms were home to such exhibits as a salon interior and a wall light circle with its invitation to interaction, the spatially intimate bar cupboard inspired by the American Bar by Adolf Loos, and a new interpretation of the Knee Swimmer made of assembly foam. Besides these works by the founding members, international design from the north of Poland was also integrated into the show with a work by the KosmosProject. May the Ganz Neue Galerie grow to a ripe old age, it is one of the favorite new additions to this year’s festival!