Gregor Buchhaus / Kollektiv Fischka
Gregor Buchhaus / Kollektiv Fischka
Ebru Kurbak

Stadtarbeit – City Work


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Ebru Kurbak (AT/TR)


This project addressed as its theme the fact that the knowledge that is taken for granted somewhere else in the world has become obsolete through immigration to Austria. Ebru Kurbak dealt sensitively with the topic alongside participants of the Caritas Lernsprung program and developed the concept in intensive collaboration. The knowledge they gained was shared further in small, intimate workshops in the middle of the Viktor-Adler- Markt. Everyone who often has to adapt to completely new life environments appeared here in the role of intermediary. From the hut in Somalia to the Afghan kite – specialist knowledge was shared, experienced at first hand and thus last but not least anchored a little further into local society. The winning project of the MehrWert Design Award granted for the first time this year showed how interpersonal encounters and exchange can contribute to mutual appreciation – a win-win situation for all those taking part.